One thing is for sure. Each show of Hulahoopin’ is a colour explosion of gold, bright neon colours or just the sun in combination with multiple tribe hoopdance moves. Whatever she does, she get the colours out of our souls and she paints them in the air with love.

Hulahoopin’ Funky Hoopdance stands for movement, creativity and colour. It is a community, in which co-creating with selfmade creative entrepreneurs is the main goal. She is here to shine bright. Always ready to project her dreams into the world and make sure the public does the same. Hulahoopin’ creates creative trips on the spot, hypnotize the audience and make them feel like WOW.

Hulahoopin’ is all about movement. Discovering new techniques, colaborations, fusions, light effects and improvising. We become one with the artists, public and the environment. Always adapting to the ambience and theme of the event.



If you feel like having a magical being at your event who amazes your audience, you do not need to look any further. Hulahoopin’ works together with the best UV bodypainters and bodytapers.

The whole show is set up in a fast way in consultation with your creative director, including the lights. There is no need to worry about this special act on your event or stage. It will shine bright, make the public go crazy and be shared around on social media for sure.

It is always possible to make the show bigger with more magical beings and hoopdancers. It is always fun to brainstorm and create together the best possible outcome.